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* Tees and Hats can be purchased in the gym once they have been ordered.


Please allow a delivery time of 2 weeks if you are a non member

For more info please email:



GoLift Tees


Original Tees available for £10 + p&p subject to availabilty and colour *

GoLift Hats


Hats available for £8 + p&p subject to availabilty and colour *

We are happy to finally offer a link to our new online shop. We have teamed up with Kukri Sports who have supplied us with some fantastic clothing. All your clothing can be sent to your door which means you wont have to ask any of our coaches to order for you. 

If you would like to browse and purchase some of clothing please click on the Online Shop button where you will be sent to our shop via a new window.


We still have a variety of our Original Tees and Hats available to purchase in the gym also.

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