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Over the last couple of years we have been trying hard to develop our youth section. In 2015 we had 20 lifters, both girls and boys, sign up for membership who were under the age of 18. With Northern Ireland Weightlifting adding a development part to their competitions it has given our youth a massive opportunity to lift at competition level, both against each other and increasingly so against kids from other clubs.  All our competitive youth have had great success and are going from strength to strength! 


Within a competition environment our youth are scored differently to any adult. The focus is on the technique, NOT how much weight a child can lift. Our coaches work closely with all our youth lifters to ensure that their form and their technique is correct before adding any weight on to the bar, and this will only happen when they are deemed ready.


For some of our slightly older youth lifters there is the chance to compete at the British Youth Championships, at which our young lifters have earned medals at over the last couple of years. 


It is important for us to stress that weightlifting is not just for boys. We have several youth female lifters, who are using their experience in weightlifting to help their other sports, kickboxing for one. With our very successful female senior section they also have plenty of strong ladies to look up to!


Training times - THURSDAY - 18.30 -19.45 (Youth Training) 

                             SATURDAY - 13.30 -14.45 (Youth Training)        






NIW Spring Championships 2017
Aaron OHS Exercise
Aaron - 27kg Hang Clean
Nicola - 17kg Snatch Technique
Sheldy - Hang Snatch Technique
Stewart - 45kg for 3
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